At Tres Solutions, the services we offer enables us to offer you a full solution, tailored to your requirements, that can help you to run your business efficiently. We are able to provide you with a complete platform from which you can operate your business; no need for power-intensive servers running on your premises with duplicated systems needed for resilience; no need to worry about constant power supplies to protect critical systems and afford 100% availability; no requirement for heavy investments in premium desktop equipment. We are able to provide you with hosted back- end systems that will support your user’s log-on security, your email, your database applications and your critical business files. These can be accessed through a choice of desktop P.C’s if required, or ideally via Thin Client Terminals that have a smaller physical footprint and consume little power but offer all the functionality required to access remote systems.


Here at Tres Solutions we can recommend the best options for your business on a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) platform, a private telephone network to be used within a company. We can go about picking a system for anything from one number and one telephone through to multiple numbers for multiple extensions in shared groups, each with their own number. This will also include call attendants, call recording, auto forwarding, emails to notify you of missed calls and much more. The hosted PBX system will cover all of your company needs and is entirely scalable and can expand with your business.


Support with systems at your business can be vital when certain things aren’t running the way they should and are costing your precious time and money. That’s why with Tres Solutions we have a dedicated service support system in place 7 days a week. Any problems you are facing within your system can be countered by Tres’ support team and are the one point of contact for all of your IT issues. We can provide important critical hardware support for your business that will ensure you’re running all of the time as well as making sure your system and software are all updated.


It’s a common case that many standard IT systems and their hosts are stored at the place of work. With Tres Solutions, we can set up a sophisticated system where servers and software are hosted in our data centres, meaning more space for you at your workplace and more importantly a far more reliable and powerful IT system. These will also relay with hosted desktops that will contain unlimited email and data storage due to the state of the art systems in place at Tres Solutions.


We know how important it is that your business is not only running efficiently, but with maximum potential and a reliably speedy internet that ensures you are connected at all times. That’s why Tres Solutions can ensure that super-fast broadband services will be installed in your business that will include fibre-leased line services of anything from 1Mb to 1Gb, whichever is best for you. These connectivity systems will also include critical anti-virus/anti-span software and firewalls that will ensure nothing will compromise you or your work.