The model that Tres Solutions is built upon had been developed from the personal experiences of our in house technicians and with additional feedback from our numerous clients. Having a considerable collective number of years within the industry in roles covering systems design, sourcing, deployment and support, our team have personally felt the pain from setting up new business ventures with the ambition to create immediately a suitable and fully functioning IT platform. With direct routes to appropriate vendors and suppliers, we have the ability to source and scale deployments tailored for each new venture so as to offer the minimal investment with an affordable monthly fee that covers your whole IT infrastructure

Peter understands the importance IT plays in modern-day businesses and has years of experience running a number of companies across many business sectors with well structured IT departments. Peter created Tres Solutions based on personal experiences of fellow technicians and feedback from a wide-range of clients, which has culminated into a IT company that tailors computer and software solutions based on the specific business needs.

Director: Peter Adamson

Ben is a versatile professional, well-known and respected throughout the local IT community and was chosen to lead the system support team of Tres Solutions for this exact reason. With years of experience and extensive knowledge of IT systems and software, Ben knows his way around a number of complex IT infrastructures that ensures Tres runs as smoothly as it possibly can.

System Support: Ben Moughtin